Grandmaster Hwang
9th Dan (9th Degree Black Belt)

Grandmaster Hwang considers his school to be a place of learning, and his method of teaching emphasizes the traditional values of discipline, practice, hard work and focus. His goal is to guide each student to reach his and her full potential and therefore expects all his students to learn and practice the arts with diligence and sincerity.

Grandmaster Hwang always emphasizes the importance of promoting one's self with honor and dignity within the dojang and outside the dojang. He believes that one's greatness can only stand on a strong foundation. That is why he stresses the importance of good grades in school and good conduct at home. 

Grandmaster Hwang began his own extensive training at the young age of ten in Incheon, South Korea in 1955. As a young man and to this day he has always prided himself on his heritage, and strong family values. As a student at Hwang's Martial Arts, you not only obtain the skills to become physically and mentally stronger but you also experience the great values Grandmaster Hwang holds so dear to his heart- you become of his family.

In 1966, Grandmaster Hwang was the second largest foreign force deployed to Vietnam by the ROK. He served in the elite ROKA Capital Tiger Division and trained hand and foot combat to the Special Forces Green Beret. He served alongside his U.S. comrades until 1969.

After his services in the Vietnam War, he began his own practice in Incheon, South Korea in 1970. In 1978, Grandmaster Hwang moved to the United States and opened Hwang's Martial Arts in Detroit, Michigan. After several years and many accomplished students, Grandmaster Hwang moved his family to the great state of Ohio in 1989.

In the years to come, Grand Master Hwang hopes in becoming a better teacher and practitioner to his students. He is and will continue to dedicate his life to the continuation and promotion of traditional Taekwondo.

Master Yung Woo Hwang

Grandmaster Hwang's son, Master Yung Woo Hwang started Taekwondo at 3 years old. He is currently a 6th degree Black Belt and has over 27 years experience.
 He has taken the skills implemented by his father and is now in
 Huntington Beach, California. He shares Grand Master Hwang's
dedication to Taekwondo and continually strives to accomplish it.

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