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Plagwe Sam Jang

I must apologize for my absence! After a hectic school year, with my third child graduating from high school (one to go!), summer is here and I have time now to write! I will resume with Palgwe Sam Jang.

The meaning of Palgwe Sam Jang is fire. This is from the Korean word "Ri". You should be expressing passion and excitement in practicing Tae Kwon Do. Passion for knowledge, and excitement for learning. Building upon Palgwe Il Jang and Ea Jang, you can add more power and speed to your performance. Like a controlled burn, you should practice this form with speed and strength without losing control. Fire contains a lot of energy, and so should you! Fire can be helpful, for survival, or catastrophic. Control the fire when you perform this form, with some outbursts of energy. On your journey to black belt, keep the fire burning in your thirst for knowledge!

Palgwe Ea Jang

Today, let's look at the philosophy behind Palgwe Ea Jang. This form is associated with the trigram symbol ofTae. Taeteaches us to be of a clear and positive frame of mind. it represents joy and lake. Yes, lake - a confined body of water. In the depths of a lake, we can find beauty and mystery - joy.  There are treasures to be found. A lake has limitations in its confinement. We too have limitations. We can feel joy in knowing this and taking control of our own future. We can overcome our limitations and live up to our fullest potential.

Tae Kwon Do Form Lesson

Today, I would like to tell you the meaning behind the forms we learn. The Korean term for form isPoomse. EachPoomsehas a specific meaning and purpose. The overall purpose is to practice kicking and punching in a simulated defense situation. I'll start with thePalgwes, yellow belt in particular. There are eightPalgweforms,Pal(eight) andGwe(trigrams). The trigram represents the fundamental principles of reality, for example: wind, water and fire.  I will try to have a new post up weekly!

Hwang's New Blog

Hello Tae Kwon Do friends! I would like to take a moment of you time to let you in on some things going on here at Hwang's Martial Arts School.
We are excited to announce our three students testing for Black Belts this Saturday, September 16th at 10:00 AM:
Testing For Second Dan Black Belt
Testing for First Dan Black Belt
You are welcome to come and watch testing and show your support for these fine students. They put in a lot of hard work to get where they are now. Congratulations!
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